Children's Programs

Sharing stories and rhymes, singing, talking and playing with your child is not just fun but good for little brains too!

Visit your local library and join in with our free First 5 Forever children’s programs including Story Time, Baby Bounce and Little Library Play. These programs run throughout the school term - find out more below! Parent participation is encouraged and supervision of children at all times is required.

We also offer a number of other programs for children throughout the year such as Splash & Rhyme, Maker Space and Mini Makers, Summer Reading Club and school holiday activities. Please contact your local library to find out more.

  • Research shows that up to 90% of a child’s brain development happens in the first 5 years. This makes parents and caregivers their child’s first and most important teacher.

    It is never too early to share stories, talk, play and sing with your child. It’s fun and it helps little brains to grow. Everyday opportunities are the best for learning. Point out, name and talk about what your child can see or hear during bath time, when going for a walk, in the car or out shopping.

    Whitsunday Regional Libraries offer a range of free children’s programs to support families, which focus on language and literacy development for children aged 0-5 years. We also provide activities and resources that encourage learning through creative play and interaction.

    For further ideas to develop your child's language and literacy skills at home, please visit First 5 Forever's website.

    First 5 Forever

    Baby Bounce

    Baby Bounce encourages language development for babies aged birth to walking. Come along and join us for nursery rhymes, action songs, stories and play!

    Cannonvale: Tuesday at 10.30am

    Bowen: Friday at 9.30am

    Proserpine: Wednesday at 10.30am

    Please note that Baby Bounce is only held during the school term.

    Research shows that up to 90% of a child’s brain development happens in the first 5 years. So it is never too early to talk, read and tell stories with your child.

    Little Library Play

    Little Library Play shows that singing, talking and playing is not just fun, but good for little brains too! For ages walking to 3 years.

    Cannonvale: Wednesday at 10.30am

    Proserpine: Wednesday at 9.30am

    Please note that Little Library Play is only held during the school term.

    Story Time

    Story Time focuses on language and literacy development for children aged 3 to 5 years. During this session we share stories, rhymes and songs.

    Bowen: Tuesday at 10.30am

    Proserpine: Tuesday at 10.30am

    Collinsville: Wednesday at 9.00am

    Cannonvale: Thursday at 10.30am

    Please note that Story Time is only held during the school term.

    Children learn best from the people around them. As parents and caregivers you are your child’s first and most important teacher!

  • Our Maker Spaces encourage learning through play and are a fun and interactive space in the library for children aged 6+. Activities will vary in each branch — may include design and construction challenges, puppet theatre, robotics, art and paper craft.

    Cannonvale: Thursday 3.00 - 4.30pm

    Proserpine: Saturday 9.00 - 11.00am

    Bowen: Saturday 9.00 - 11.00am

    Please note that Maker Space is only held during the school term.

  • Help your little ones aged 5 and under experience the world of making, creating and building!

    Cannonvale: Saturdays 9.00 - 11.30am

    Please note that Mini Makers is only held during the school term.

  • Join the Community Chess Club at Cannonvale Library! New and experienced players welcome. Ages 6 – 106!

    Cannonvale: Wednesdays 3.00 to 4.30pm

    Please note that Chess Club is only held during the school term.

  • Summer Reading Club is designed to encourage children to visit the library and keep reading throughout the long summer holiday.

    The Summer Reading Club encourages children and young people to discover great authors and illustrators of picture books, junior and young adult fiction and non-fiction. The literary and creative activities delivered in Whitsunday Regional Libraries aims to encourage a love of reading among children, young people and their families during the summer holidays.

    Participation in the Summer Reading Club is free!  

    Summer Reading Club

  • Teachers are encouraged to bring students to the library in classes or smaller groups at any time of the year. Tours of the library are available on request.

    Class activities may include group orientation sessions, Story Time on a particular theme, research instruction, or other activities that help to support the requirements of the class.

    All sessions can be tailored to different age groups and class themes, so please contact the Library to discuss individual requirements.