eBooks and eAudiobooks

Library members have free access 24/7 to a wide range of eBooks and eAudiobooks available to read on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

  • To get started on Bolinda Digital you will need your library barcode, password and an email account.

    You are able to borrow and download 10 eAudiobooks and 10 eBooks each for a 2 week loan and reserve any titles that may currently be on loan.  When reserved titles are ready to download the title will be automatically loaned to you and you will be advised via email that it is ready.  Content is continually updated with stacks of popular new release titles available every day. 

    To learn more about how to download the App and use BorrowBox please view the User Guide video.

    Bolinda Digital

  • Our library is proud to continue to offer you a wide selection of digital titles for you to access anytime, anywhere through the award-winning Libby app.

    All you need to get started in Libby is your device and your library barcode and password/PIN number. The Libby app is easy to use and will guide you through the setup process and get you connected to our library in just a few minutes.

    In just a few taps, you can start reading or listening instantly on your phone or tablet. The digital library is available 24/7 without leaving home and is free from our library. Choose from bestsellers, fiction, nonfiction, books for kids, and more.

    To learn more about the app visit Libby's website.


  • To get started with Tumblebooks you will need your library barcode and password.

    For kids and families,TumbleBooks lets you watch and listen to e-books online, play a game, write a review. 


  • To get started with Story Box Library you will need your library barcode and password.

    For families to connect, engage, inspire and educate children, Story Box Library is the best place to watch celebrated stories read aloud by your favourite storytellers.  Story Box Library streams ad-free content directly into your home on any device with internet connection with a range of actors, comedians, sportspeople, musicians, authors, TV presenters, performers, students, grandparents, activists and educators each sharing their unique voice.  It’s storytime, anytime!

    Story Box Library